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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Scorpio's Horoscope, for Today in Philadelphia.

Driving into the heart of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, I feel as if one belongs somewhere it could definitely be here.
And people here actually have some sense of driving skills unlike Los Angeles where 6 lanes of cars and pollution sit in pointless traffic because some namebrand trophy wife can't make a left. So anyway... Moving on. I decided to read my horoscope today and I really liked it ( maybe I'll even like it on facebook )

Sharing from me to you

If you've ever sat along a shoreline and watched the ocean, you've seen the tide go out and then come in again. As it travels out to sea it brings along the small treasures that were scattered in the shallows, like bits of sea glass and tiny shells. When it returns it brings new treasures. Your tide may be out right now, Scorpio, but it's definitely coming in again and soon. Look for things to begin working for you in a better and more productive way, and look for a collection of new treasures to inhabit your life. Your prospects for financial gain will soon be much, much better.

Pulled over on the road as my friend stops in the store I think to myself man on a beach? Right now? If only I had my own personal jet I'd be in Fiji with friends. What's the ultimate dream? What's your beach you'd love to lounge on and eat cookies? Anywhere can be an escape.

So goodluck fellow scorpions on a shoreline looking at all the wonders of this world and here's my link to my ELITE portfolio for Job Bookings

P.S. Shouldn't Text & Drive, but will.

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